Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4)

Main Purpose
The Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4) will be assigned to one of the Divisions of Operations or the Office for Verification in Iran and, under the supervision of a Section Head and a Senior Inspector, will participate in the implementation of the IAEA's safeguards activities and, subject to the approval of the Board of Governors, function as a safeguards inspector.

The Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4) is: (1) a lead and experienced inspector with in-depth expertise in nuclear technology and the nuclear fuel cycle, performing safeguards activities and acting as a facility/site officer for significant facilities and/or as a country officer for States with large-scale or more complex nuclear activities; (2) a co-ordinator, providing technical and administrative coordination of the IAEA's safeguards verification activities for specified countries in the field and at headquarters, developing reports for key safeguards groups and committees and participating as an expert or project manager in technical working groups; (3) an analyst undertaking in-depth evaluations and analysis of safeguards relevant information in order to compile reports, with a view to identifying future actions and recommending safeguards procedures and approaches; and (4) a mentor, coaching, training and supporting less experienced Inspectors in their day-to-day work.

Functions/Key Results Expected
Activities: The Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4) will take the lead in carrying out verification and analytical work at nuclear facilities, other locations with nuclear material and places conducting nuclear related research and development in order to evaluate indications and verify the absence of undeclared nuclear material or activities, undeclared production/processing or diversion of nuclear material.

This will include leading groups of inspectors in the field and in state evaluation groups at HQ and acting as facility/site officer for significant facilities and as country officer for States with large-scale or complex nuclear activities.

The Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4) will carry out in-field activities, including:

  • Verify nuclear material accountancy, examine records and reports prepared by the facility operator and/or State or regional safeguards authorities.
  • Verify material and activities with assessment of the scope and purpose of nuclear related activities at facilities or locations involved in the nuclear fuel cycle.
  • Perform complementary access activities and collect nuclear material samples and environmental samples.
  • Routinely service containment and surveillance equipment, calibrate and operate instruments for measuring nuclear material.
  • Verify design information to confirm information provided by States.
  • Assess the applicability of safeguards approaches.
  • Negotiate with State or facility representatives.

The Nuclear Safeguards Inspector (P4) will also have a strong focus on activities at Headquarters/Regional Offices including:

  • Lead complex analytical work including the analysis, review and evaluation of data collected from various sources such as State declarations and reports, inspection results, facility design information, complementary access, computerized databases and open source in order to formulate conclusions and produce appropriate reports and recommendations for use by senior management in communications to States and to the Board of Governors.
  • Complete inspection reports (including design information and complementary access reports and related statements) with due regard to promptness, accuracy, completeness and quality of presentation.
  • Work on the development of safeguards approaches, designing, developing and implementing new safeguards processes with a focus on efficiency gains and the quality of verification activities.
  • Establish, review and evaluate inspection-related data (including Remote Data Transmission and surveillance information), specific safeguards technical data and associated information and follow up on results in liaison with relevant intra-departmental partners.
  • As a facility/site and country officer, or acting senior inspector, provide technical and administrative coordination of safeguards in specified countries at specified nuclear facilities, plan and prepare safeguards activities and provide reports and updates to senior managers and key safeguards groups. Establish and lead highly effective cross-departmental teams to collect and review information from across the Department and draw credible safeguards conclusions for States.
  • Mentor new P3 Inspectors, supporting their induction and development with targeted on-the-job training and guidance.
  • When required by the Section Head or Senior Inspector, represent the Senior Inspector or the Section / Division at Departmental meetings, consolidating and presenting technical issues from a Divisional perspective.

Competencies and Expertise
Core Competencies
Planning and Organizing

  • Plans and organizes his/her own work in support of achieving the team or Section’s priorities. Takes into account potential changes and proposes contingency plans.


  • Communicates orally and in writing in a clear, concise and impartial manner. Takes time to listen to and understand the perspectives of others and proposes solutions.

Achieving Results

  • Takes initiative in defining realistic outputs and clarifying roles, responsibilities and expected results in the context of the Department/Division’s programme. Evaluates his/her results realistically, drawing conclusions from lessons learned.

Actively contributes to achieving team results. Supports team decisions.
Functional Competencies
Judgement/decision making

  • Consults with supervisor/manager and takes decisions in full compliance with the Agency’s regulations and rules. Makes decisions reflecting best practice and professional theories and standards.


  • Maintains a high level of performance when facing pressure and uncertainty. Able to remain calm and self-controlled, and to respond logically and decisively in difficult situations.

Technical/scientific credibility

  • Ensures that work is in compliance with internationally accepted professional standards and scientific methods. Provides scientifically/technically accepted information that is credible and reliable.

Required Expertise
Information Management

Information Analysis

  • Demonstrated experience in analytical work including data analysis, analytical reporting and information management with the demonstrated ability to produce detailed and complex oral presentations and written reports in English..

Human Resources

Proven expertise in negotiation during meetings and in handling unexpected situations.

Nuclear Fuel Cycle/Nuclear Facilities

  • In depth knowledge of the nuclear fuel cycle and associated facilities.

Safeguards Inspecting

  • Proven knowledge/experience with safeguards or safeguards inspection at a national or international level.

Safeguards System, Advanced

  • A comprehensive understanding of the nuclear safeguards system and of safeguards agreements at an international level.

Qualifications, Experience and Language skills

  • Advanced university degree in Science, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Information Analysis or International Relations with a focus on nuclear science, nuclear engineering, nuclear technology or nuclear non-proliferation (or a first level degree in one of these fields and at least two additional years of relevant experience in the field of nuclear safeguards).
  • Minimum of seven years of relevant experience in the nuclear field or other relevant field verification work, with at least three years of that being in the area of nuclear safeguards at a state or international level.
  • Proven ability in leading collaborative teams, working independently and proactively in varied environments with different groups of people.
  • Excellent oral and written command of English. Knowledge of other official IAEA languages (Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish) is an asset.


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IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency





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